Harju Elekter AB

Harju Elekter AB is Harju Elekter's sales organisation in Sweden.

In keeping with the development strategy of the Group, Harju Elekter established a subsidiary Harju Elekter AB (100%) in the Kingdom of Sweden in June 2010. By establishing the representation and sales organisation Harju Elekter AB, we will increase our presence and sales on the Swedish market, offering our clients a wide selection of products, first and foremost electrical engineering products, from companies in the Harju Elekter Group.

Sweden-oriented business activities and the local clients is managed by Swedish subsidiary.

Sales Manager of Harju Elekter AB
Magnus Anundsson, mob +46 70 377 37 67, e-mail magnus.anundsson (at) harjuelekter.com

Agents of Harju Elekter in Sweden
Per-Göran Bjon
, tel +46 8550 88875, mob +46 70 546 8875, e-mail pg.bjon (at) harjuelekter.com
Peter Olveren, tel +46 3191 2204, mob +46 70 633 6550, e-mail peter.olveren (at) harjuelekter.com