Short review from 35 years history book

Over its 35-years of operation, Harju Elekter has changed beyond recognition. While mainly only the quantity and assortment of products changed during the Soviet period, the changes that have taken place after Estonia regained its independence are of a more quantitative nature – product quality is what largely determines the position and success of an enterprise in a market economy. Extension of product range, renewal of technology, acquisition of new equipment, and in –service training of employees are the measures that have been taken to improve competitiveness, Already at the beginning of the 1990s, the company’s management took the strategic decision to avoid aging of the management and to involve new management members only from among young personnel, including those who have just graduated from a university. The decision has secured the use of fresh know-how in management decisions and has justified itself in every way so far. Many young and qualified specialists who help to keep up with the times have been employed in production also.

For example, the Group grew its sales by nearly 39% in 2002 and its net profit increased more than two and a half times; investors and shareholders were pleased to see the stock price go up by more that 50% on Tallinn Stock Exchange and the stock transfer to the exchange’s main list. The production of cable harnesses was retained with PKC Group Oyj, a well-known company in the industry. The market share of electrotechnical products was extended and a subsidiary of Siemens, Satmatic Oy was acquired in Finland. As a 100% subsidiary of Harju Elekter, this is a considerable maker of industrial control and automation equipment, and renders Harju Elekter and international group. Operations were geographically extended in both Estonian and Finland; further expansion is expected as the Baltic construction market grows in the industrial sector as well as in infrastructure.

The continuing growth of the Estonian construction market has facilitated the operations of the commerce group. Besides the stores in Tallinn and Keila, a store in Tartu was opened in 2002.

Now, in its 25th year of activity, the Harju Elekter Group consists of the following factories and enterprises:
Harju Elekter Electrical Equipment Factory makes electrical equipment for the power distribution sector: outdoor substation units, products for substations and switchgear for distribution networks; boards for automation and control systems for industrial sector; distribution and control switchboards, and installation wiring harnesses for the construction sector. The core business is supported by the sale of sheet metal products and electrical equipment components.

The Commerce group offers everything a buyer needs for electrical works. The Harju Elekter Commerce group has electrical equipment stores in Tallinn, Tartu and Keila, and a wholesale department of electrical heating equipment.

AS Eltek has been operating as a 100% subsidiary of Harju Elekter since 1998. The main business of Eltek is the production of sheet metal products for telecommunication and data communication market. The product range includes cabinets and boxes for the telecommunication and data networks, boxes for UPS cabinets, and various fibre-optic and other products.

Satmatic Oy was founded in Finland on the basis of the electrical equipment unit of Siemens Oy, and Harju Elekter acquired 100% of the company on 19 September 2002. The company makes automation and power control equipment for the industry, including paper, metal, and mechanical industries. According to costumers and cooperation projects, production is divided into project-based and contractual production: contractual customers are offered a full service from the procurement of components and materials to the manufacture and testing of products, including instillation on the customer’s premises where necessary.

AS Keila Kaabel is a joint venture of Harju Elekter and Draka NK Cables, in which Harju ELketer has a 34% holding. The factory makes how-voltage, power, construction, telecommunication and special cables. The factory has representative offices in Riga and Vilnius for a better customer service. The company also represents and sells the products of Pirelli factories in the Baltic States.

AS Saajos Balti is owned by AS Harju Elekter, the Finnish Saajos International Oy, and the Danish Inexa A/S, which all have equal holding. The company manufactures and sells fire doors and safety doors and panels. In cooperation with Saajos International and Inexa, the company’s products are supplied to the Baltic and Nordic construction markets and the world’s shipbuilding market.

AS outlined above, Harju Elekter is an international group that holds a significant share of the Estonian production market and is a considerable employer, particularly in the city of Keila, and itsss vicinity. The group’s subsidiaries and related companies, as well as those that have become independent companies by now, employ a total of 1060 people.

Over its 25-years of operations, the Group has established its own manufacturing and management traditions and formed a young, firm, and qualified management staff that ensures the Group’s long-term success in the future.